Educational Curriculum

A Creative and Developmentally Age Appropriate Curriculum is Fundamental to the Growth of Your Child

Our curriculum provides focused, center-based, hands-on learning activities to promote the skills and development in language and literacy, cognitive problem solving skills, social/emotional development, sensory-motor development, math creative arts and crafts, math skills, music and movement.

Sensori-motor and Physical Development

The most important component in early childhood education and development is allowing children to learn about their own physical capabilities and sensory awareness through physical movement, body awareness and coordination. Children are developing their senses at an early age and use them consistently. Daily activities at Discovery House DCC include the development of body awareness, gross motor skills, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, balance activities, and fine motor skills.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive learning is more than accumulating knowledge-based facts. We teach the children how to think and how to assess what is going on around them. During role play, game play, and verbal communication, children develop thinking and memory skills, math concepts, and science exploration. Auditory memory skills are needed in order for children to listen and follow directions. These are vital in helping children to stay on task, follow through and remember how to complete projects. This gives them a successful head start on future school classroom learning situations.

Language and Literacy Development

Children develop language at a very rapid pace. Daily activities include phonemic awareness (sounds of letters), letter identification, sight word knowledge, concepts of print, increasing vocabulary, rhyming, blending sounds to form words, reading, and writing. A variety of books are provided to children daily to encourage children to inquire and explore their verbal communication skills. A special phonemic awareness program begins at the early age of 3 years and teaches children the sounds of letters. By the time children reach the age of 5 years children can sound out all letters of the alphabet, read sight words, and are able to write simple sentences.

Social and Emotional Development

Teachers are able to encourage children’s social development through activities that will foster an environment of trust and stability for the child to become comfortable and proficient at relating with others. We encourage an atmosphere of care, love, and hugs. Our curriculum and lesson plans are designed for personalization to meet your child’s specific needs. Social emotional development includes the processes of helping children recognize and identify their own emotions and the emotions of others. We teach children through role play and creative dramatics how to express feelings and thoughts in an appropriate way. Building confidence in children gives them the awareness that they can and will succeed. We strive to teach them how to interact with peers and adults in positive and appropriate ways through sharing, role playing, “using our words” to resolve problems, cooperation, and conflict resolution.

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