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Discovery House promotes parental involvement

Discovery House promotes parental involvement and participation in all of our planned activities. Parents may be especially interested in joining in on special events such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations and field trips.

Parents are provided with a written assessment of their child’s progress and development. Parent teacher conferences provide parent’s with information about their child’s progress and development.

Parent Comments on our Preschool Program A new parent who joined our center recently had the following response when asked how she and her daughter liked our program. It is wonderful, except for one thing. I have to fight to get my daughter to leave at the end of the day! She simply does not want to go home. I have seen an increase in her language skills, she loves sharing with her friends, and she is really excited about all the things she is learning.

I am writing this letter to give my personal recommendation to Discovery House Day Care Center and to share a few of my personal experiences. My son attended Discovery House for 5 years. The first day I dropped him off I was at ease that he would be safe and happy. He made a lot of new friends and learned so many skills that have assisted him in school. It has been years since he was there and yet he still talks about his very first teacher he had there, Ms Taryn. She is absolutely wonderful and still one of his favorites! I remember one of the things I was first impressed with was that Kathy Farrell, the Director, knew every kid by name! Kathy really cares about each and every child. A friend recommended Discovery House Day Care Center to me and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for more than just a day care for his or her children. It is the best!

T.N. , Kettering, OH

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