Pre-K Program

Teddy Bear 4- 5 year old

Welcome to the Discovery House Teddy Bear Pre-K Program! We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with your 4- 5 year old child and to be on a team with you. We know what your child needs to be prepared for kindergarten next year. We know that together with parents involvement, we will make the year of growth and discovery for your child special.

*During the school year, we will be working on lots of important learning goals. Here is a brief outline of the areas we will work on:

  • Language and Literacy Development: Phonemic Awareness (letter sounds), Letter identification, sight word knowledge, concepts of print, rhyming, blending sounds to make words, reading and writing skills.
  • Auditory Memory: listening and following directions.
  • Body Awareness: How our bodies work and relate in space to each other.
  • Concept Mastery: acquire new concepts and associate them with concepts they have already learned.
  • Gross Motor: Balance, coordination and movement.
  • Number Skills: Number recognition, number sense, counting, measuring, sorting, patterns, spatial relationships, shapes and simple addition and subtraction.
  • Verbal Association: associate words with ideas. This gives your child frames of reference, describing skills, builds vocabulary and helps with better communication.
  • Visual Discrimination: see similarities and differences in forms and shapes.
  • Visual Memory: In order to recognize and remember letters, numbers shapes and sight words, your child must remember what he/she sees.
  • Visual Motor Integration: Eye-hand coordination needed to color, cut, draw, read and write.
  • Vocabulary: Understand and increase knowledge of words.

Cognition and General Knowledge: Increase knowledge of the social and physical world. This includes science (Exploration of living things, energy, the natural world, cause and effect and inquiry), social studies (community, cooperation, fairness, basic geography, solving social problems, and cultural awareness) and themes that we will learn about throughout the year.

Social and Emotional Development: Recognize and Identify own emotions and the emotions of others. Express feelings and thoughts in an appropriate way. Build confidence in self and own abilities. Interact with peers and teachers in positive and appropriate ways. (Communication, using words, sharing, playing, planning, cooperation, conflict resolution)

*Discovery House Day Care Center’s learning goals are based off of the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards. If you want to learn more about the standards, you can visit the Ohio Department of Education website at: Learning/Early-Learning- Content-Standards/The- Standards

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