Busy Bees Program 3 – 4 year olds

The Busy Bees Program is for our 3 – 4 year olds. The goal in this classroom is to encourage each child to learn positive social/emotional behaviors through fun fingerplays, songs, stories, and role playing. They are learning how to have friends and appropriate ways to respond and act toward other classmates.

The environment is set up so that children are learning independence and self help skills. Three year olds develop the skills and knowledge they need in a “fun” environment where learning phonemic awareness of letters, math concepts, singing, dramatizing, telling stories, and following directions are a great part of the daily schedule.

The Busy Bee daily schedule is structured and well balanced with games, free play, and learning throughout the day. Books are read to the children on often so that they learn to associate ideas, build logical sequences, and strengthen comprehension and memory skills. Math activities include basic math vocabulary, simple measurements and patterns, and sorting and counting objects.

A typical day in the 3 year old group begins after breakfast at 8:00am with morning music and movement, singing and dancing. After that, the fun and learning continues, followed by a trip to the outdoor play yard and then back in for lunch. In the afternoon, the children and teachers work and play together by learning a game or exercise, doing a arts/craft projects, and then just having time for free choice activities where they can choose from a variety of interest centers.

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